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Registration Time

It seems so early but then again it’s almost November and the Shower will be in January.. and the invitations still need to go out. So we bit the bullet and strolled around the huge pink and blue store with a scanner and a vague list of what we were looking for.

We started with the baby monitors… Neil had seen the one that his cousin uses and was so surprised that they come with video now. It was his job to pick this item. Being a guy of course he knows everything there is to know about tech. He read label after label and checked on brands and models… I said, “that one looks good.. and priced well” he kept investigating… 15 mins later after all the research. He decided on the best one… I had already scanned it and moved on to thermometers.

Next up… Tubbies!!! There was a spa for babies. Running water… jacuzzi bubbles the whole 9 yards. He was so excited to scan it.. I chose the seat that fits into any bath tub or sink. Why on earth would you put a baby into a bubble making machine? They are scared of baths enough as it is.. and the seat has much more support that the giant plastic bins that pass as specialized baby tubs any day.

Thankfully we had already discussed some colour options and design ideas. We agreed we liked animals for the nursery theme. We chose a set that was mostly green and brown with some monkeys and frogs… both of which are adorable and can make fun friends as stuffed animals. When we had to choose the playpen, high chair and so forth we stuck with the colours and the best safety features. It was fairly painless over all.

The best part was when we came to the small ticket items. Blankets, towels things we needed but my boyfriend didn’t quite understand. “Don’t we have blankets and towels?” …. Blank stare… I showed him the towels with the head covers.. baby sized to snuggle them up in. The receiving blankets which can be used to both blanket and of course to change on when necessary.. then we came to the swaddling blanket. He looked at the picture and flatly stated, “so we just strap him in and leave him there? Like a straight jacket?” Pretty much. I explained it’s like the new doggy coats.. it’s like a hug for the dog.. You swaddle the baby up and he feels secure and warm.. like he is in my belly. Neil then decided he knew nothing about babies and wasn’t going to question anything I say again… I love a smart man!!!


Ain’t that a kick in the head!

My boyfriend felt the baby kick for the 1st time last week. It was so funny. I have been feeling little things here and there and then I watched as the remote to the TV on my belly bounced up and down.. but last week I was laying in bed and I could actually see my belly jumping. I had texted my boyfriend.. he said that it was great but I don’t think he really understood how strong the kicks were.  Later that night when he got home I laid back down and put his hand where the baby was.. the little man kicked and I thought Neil was gonna fall right off the bed! “Was that him?!” he busted out with… “yes, honey.. I told you the baby is making my belly move”.

Since then he has felt the little squirt a few times. The other night while I was sleeping he was kicking up a storm so I put Neil’s hand over the lively spot and he woke up asking if that was what he thought it was.. my response, “and you wonder why I can’t sleep?” of course anyone who has ever been pregnant knows there are lots of reason we can’t sleep.. but that’s a story for another day.

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When happiness gets complicated

I have waited my whole life to be pregnant. Being a mom is the only thing that I have ever wanted to be.

I have helped other people raise their children. I was a huge part of my god daughters’ lives and have been taking care of them in one form or another for the past 18 years, but now, FINALLY I am having one of my own.  Though I love those girls like they are my own I have never carried a baby inside of me. Never felt what is was like to feel one kick or make me sick. Now all of that has changed. It’s amazing!

But there is a complication. I have a low-lying placenta. I had never heard of this before my last ultra sound. Though I am not at the point of bed rest I have been told to take it easy. No lifting anything heavy, keep my walking to a minimum, that kind of thing. If I’m not careful I could go into an early labour and lose this baby. It scares me all the time, but I will do anything for this little boy and thankfully he has a father that will too. He carries in all the groceries, takes more of the dog walking responsibilities.. anything he can do to help.

My biggest shock was to learn that unless this condition corrects itself I will be forced to have an early c-section. If I try to have a natural birth it could actually kill me… KILL ME!!!

We have all heard stories of moms dying during child-birth.. this is one of the conditions that causes that. If I was having this baby 30 years ago.. I would be dead in 4 months. How to reconcile that?

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It’s all about the sex

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to the doctor’s for the anatomy ultra sound… you know, two arms, two legs, one head, yup it’s all there. They looked at everything that I didn’t even think of. The baby has all 4 chambers of the heart… both sides of the brain.. kidneys… the spine looked good and straight.. feet were kicking. It had never occurred to me that my baby may not grow half a brain. I mean don’t get me wrong. I have met plenty of people in my life whom I would describe as such, but I wasn’t being literal.

So my boyfriend is sitting by my side, holding my hand, listening with bated breath when suddenly the part of the anatomy he was concerned about most was announced. “Do you want to know the sex of your baby?….. I’ll give you a hint… it starts with a B” I have never seen Neil so excited in my life.. He jumped out of the chair and pumped out his arm like he was at a rock concert. He started jumping up and down dancing… leaning over to kiss me. The technician said that she was glad she waited to tell us… she didn’t think he would listen to a thing after that.

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