Mommy Talk

Being a mom ain't easy

When happiness gets complicated

on October 27, 2012

I have waited my whole life to be pregnant. Being a mom is the only thing that I have ever wanted to be.

I have helped other people raise their children. I was a huge part of my god daughters’ lives and have been taking care of them in one form or another for the past 18 years, but now, FINALLY I am having one of my own.  Though I love those girls like they are my own I have never carried a baby inside of me. Never felt what is was like to feel one kick or make me sick. Now all of that has changed. It’s amazing!

But there is a complication. I have a low-lying placenta. I had never heard of this before my last ultra sound. Though I am not at the point of bed rest I have been told to take it easy. No lifting anything heavy, keep my walking to a minimum, that kind of thing. If I’m not careful I could go into an early labour and lose this baby. It scares me all the time, but I will do anything for this little boy and thankfully he has a father that will too. He carries in all the groceries, takes more of the dog walking responsibilities.. anything he can do to help.

My biggest shock was to learn that unless this condition corrects itself I will be forced to have an early c-section. If I try to have a natural birth it could actually kill me… KILL ME!!!

We have all heard stories of moms dying during child-birth.. this is one of the conditions that causes that. If I was having this baby 30 years ago.. I would be dead in 4 months. How to reconcile that?


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