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Registration Time

on October 29, 2012

It seems so early but then again it’s almost November and the Shower will be in January.. and the invitations still need to go out. So we bit the bullet and strolled around the huge pink and blue store with a scanner and a vague list of what we were looking for.

We started with the baby monitors… Neil had seen the one that his cousin uses and was so surprised that they come with video now. It was his job to pick this item. Being a guy of course he knows everything there is to know about tech. He read label after label and checked on brands and models… I said, “that one looks good.. and priced well” he kept investigating… 15 mins later after all the research. He decided on the best one… I had already scanned it and moved on to thermometers.

Next up… Tubbies!!! There was a spa for babies. Running water… jacuzzi bubbles the whole 9 yards. He was so excited to scan it.. I chose the seat that fits into any bath tub or sink. Why on earth would you put a baby into a bubble making machine? They are scared of baths enough as it is.. and the seat has much more support that the giant plastic bins that pass as specialized baby tubs any day.

Thankfully we had already discussed some colour options and design ideas. We agreed we liked animals for the nursery theme. We chose a set that was mostly green and brown with some monkeys and frogs… both of which are adorable and can make fun friends as stuffed animals. When we had to choose the playpen, high chair and so forth we stuck with the colours and the best safety features. It was fairly painless over all.

The best part was when we came to the small ticket items. Blankets, towels things we needed but my boyfriend didn’t quite understand. “Don’t we have blankets and towels?” …. Blank stare… I showed him the towels with the head covers.. baby sized to snuggle them up in. The receiving blankets which can be used to both blanket and of course to change on when necessary.. then we came to the swaddling blanket. He looked at the picture and flatly stated, “so we just strap him in and leave him there? Like a straight jacket?” Pretty much. I explained it’s like the new doggy coats.. it’s like a hug for the dog.. You swaddle the baby up and he feels secure and warm.. like he is in my belly. Neil then decided he knew nothing about babies and wasn’t going to question anything I say again… I love a smart man!!!


2 responses to “Registration Time

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