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Make it pink; make it blue

Apparently it’s customary to make sure the baby has a place to sleep. So that has been my poor boyfriend’s job for the past week. The room allotted for the baby is my old bedroom. Great room, faces away from the main street so there’s not a lot of traffic noise. Decent size too… only problem, I’m a girl… he is not. I had a lovely pink room…

pinkNow I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a boy who likes pink. In face while talking to my 2-year-old nephew he didn’t understand why the room couldn’t stay pink. If he had his choice he would pick the pink room. It’s weird the stuff we as adults put on our kids like fact… but none the less, between dad and grandpa.. this little boy’s room was not staying pink.

SAM_0277At 1st I wanted to paint the room more of a greenish/blue color. One that would be good no matter the sex, but once Neil and I picked out the decor we realized that color would not exactly blend well. And by we, I mean me, Neil had no idea what I was talking about and couldn’t really care less.. as long as his son’s room wasn’t pink.

Now comes the tricky part. My old room was wallpapered.. with trim. The new room.. paint. I never really liked wall paper. Now Neil, who is a computer geek and not as handy with a tool as he would like to think he is.. isSAM_0285 in charge of stripping and painting his son’s room. I would love to help.. but I would get a little high just walking past the glue smelling room and I didn’t think the baby would appreciate it.

Thankfully my cousin came over to help. She does have such experience. She is a very hands on kind of person. Apparently there is this activity called sewing that one can do to clothes instead of just throwing them away… who knew?

blueAnyway, they took off most of the paper in one day. I was quite impressed. The little bits left, however, are taking more than a week with my boyfriend doing it by himself. I gave him a very easy timeline.. but I forgot it was coming up on finals week… oh well, guess I have to learn to be flexible. He’ll get it done.. eventually.

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He’s so sweet!

I had my blood glucose test yesterday to test for gestational diabetes. It was not a fun day. First off they have to do the test with me fasting… pregnancy and fasting do not go well together. So I got there as soon as they open at 7:30am. First thing they do is take your blood. No warm up, no chit-chat.. just stab you in the arm and steal your life line!

Ok, fine.. they need the fasting blood sugar levels too. Then they give you this nasty glucose drink. Mine tasted like fruit punch. Now, I don’t like fruit punch in general but this was like fruit punch squared.. it was soooo sweet it made my mouth pucker. Then I had to go sit for 2 hours so that every hour they could steal more blood. Thankfully I brought a book.

The only fun part of the whole test was the fact that my baby got a major sugar rush! The few days before he had been kinda quiet. A little kicking at night and some low kicking during the day. Nothing to be concerned about but not his normal activity. Yesterday, however, the boy was dancing in my belly like he was in studio 54. He was rocking and rolling all over my uterus. It was quite enjoyable to feel and watch. It was also a huge reminder to limit this child’s sugar intake after he is born. I don’t need some crazy kid bouncing off the walls and causing havoc. I just have to convince his sweet tooth dad the same.

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Who’s the Baby?

I admit it… I am a huge baby when I get sick, but now it’s worse than ever! Now not only am I tossing and turning from my hips hurting because I have to sleep on my side… now my nose is clogged and doing that drain to each side every time I flip back and forth.

It doesn’t really help that my dog steals my covers all night. He doesn’t mean to. He starts out under the covers with us, but then he gets too hot so he moves top side. Which means that as we move the covers end up bunching up under him. I end up coverless, nose clogged and whiney.

My boyfriend and I had a discussion about our little blanket stealer. We acknowledged that my being sick is not going to cut it and I need a nice comfy blanket to keep myself warm… but what to do about the dog? We know that we can’t make him sleep under the covers… he has a mind of his own and goes where he wants. So of course there was just one answer we could think of. We had to break out another blanket so that we each have one and he won’t be laying on top of it anymore… yup, we spoil our dog… I bet you though I was gonna be the baby when you 1st started this!

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My Nights are Kicking!

So last time I was talking about the need for sleep, and today I want to discuss one particular reason that I don’t sleep very well. My son kicks me…

It usually starts in around 2 and I can feel the pitter patter of little feet on my side. Then it continues on and on. At 1st it’s adorable and a lovely reminder that I’m going to be a mom soon.. but after a while it’s like chinese water torture and it’s all I can think about. I’m not even going to get into the fact that he sometimes finds himself kicking my bladder and I’m tripping over blankets trying to get to the bathroom before there is an accident.

Then there are the lovely times when my dog is curled up next to my belly and he and my baby have a kicking war. It’s like they don’t get that I’m involved too!!!

But the worst part of his kicking every night… was the 1st night that he didn’t kick. I was laying there awake around 3am… just minding my own business when all of a sudden it hit me that… well.. I wasn’t being hit.. or kicked .. or head butted.  What was going on? Was there something wrong? Was my baby ok? I started tossing back and forth… poking at my belly trying to get a reaction. I started thinking back.. when was the last time I felt him kick… earlier that night? This afternoon at work? ahhh… my mind was racing.. until… thump.. I got my little kick!!! Then he kept me awake for another hour kicking on and off.. There really is no winning.

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Nap Time

I find the most important thing I can do for myself right now is nap. I know… eating heathy, exercising all of that is great, but without my nap the end of the day comes much sooner than need be.

It doesn’t have to be a long nap. 20 mins will suffice. I just need time for my body to recoup from all the baby making that it’s doing. And sleeping in does not work. I have tried. I figure, well I normally get up at 7 and need a nap around noon. If I just sleep till 10 then I won’t need a nap. WRONG!!! By 6:30 I feel like I could fall asleep at my desk.

I happen to have a part-time evening job right now. Which is very convenient. I don’t know how full-time pregnant workers do it. I have always been a hard worker. I went to school and worked full-time. At different stages of my life I was handing 2 jobs at a time.. and sometimes doing a play on top of those obligations. I have helped raise other people’s kids.. while working full-time and school and what ever else.. now.. all I think is.. NAP!!! I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m anemic, but I’m pretty sure that id you were to ask any pregnant woman what they want more than anything… chocolate, massage and nap would be in the top 10 every time.

Of course it doesn’t help that before I was pregnant I drank coffee like water and now not a drop… but I stand by even with a gallon of coffee… a nap would be on my Christmas list.

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UGH…. Pregnancy!!

I am currently working on less than 4 hours sleep. I don’t know what it is. I have never been a great sleeper but lately it’s like 2 or 3 am and I’m wide awake. At first I thought it was because the baby was kicking all the time, but last night he was fairly quiet and yet NOTHING.

The hardest part is that even when I do sleep I have the craziest dreams ever… like last night. My dad and I were standing in a crowd waiting for Obama. Then the crowd disappeared and we were standing on a tarmac in the middle of no where chatting with Obama at the entrance of Air Force One… I mean I know that I am ready for this campaign crap to be over… but this is a little ridiculous.

Then the next thing I know Obama has switched to Biden and he and me dad are talking about teeth. Really! Teeth? Standing with one of the top leaders of the free world and cavities are the topic of conversation?

Not long after that I woke up and tossed and turned for the next 4 hours till my boyfriend had to get up for class. I don’t know what I would do if I was working full-time and couldn’t take a nap today. Sleep seems like it should be on the top of the list of important things that my body should be doing to help with the development of this little boy in my belly… and yet it is the last thing on my body’s mind. Seems counter intuitive to me. Then again… so does Halloween candy, but I can’t stop that either.

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Halloween Tips

I went looking for a costume that would work with my ever-expanding belly.. most are not the most roomy I have to say. I wanted it to be cute, not just the standard long garb that could be a witch, a devil or what ever else you could think of with a different head-piece.

I found an adorable french maid costume. It worked well because it had an empire waist and an a-line skirt, not to mention the apron to cover my bump. It was quite adorable…

Except for one major flaw… Never under any circumstances should a pregnant woman wear tights. Peeing is a bitch!!!

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