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Who’s the Baby?

on November 20, 2012

I admit it… I am a huge baby when I get sick, but now it’s worse than ever! Now not only am I tossing and turning from my hips hurting because I have to sleep on my side… now my nose is clogged and doing that drain to each side every time I flip back and forth.

It doesn’t really help that my dog steals my covers all night. He doesn’t mean to. He starts out under the covers with us, but then he gets too hot so he moves top side. Which means that as we move the covers end up bunching up under him. I end up coverless, nose clogged and whiney.

My boyfriend and I had a discussion about our little blanket stealer. We acknowledged that my being sick is not going to cut it and I need a nice comfy blanket to keep myself warm… but what to do about the dog? We know that we can’t make him sleep under the covers… he has a mind of his own and goes where he wants. So of course there was just one answer we could think of. We had to break out another blanket so that we each have one and he won’t be laying on top of it anymore… yup, we spoil our dog… I bet you though I was gonna be the baby when you 1st started this!


One response to “Who’s the Baby?

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