Mommy Talk

Being a mom ain't easy

He’s so sweet!

on November 28, 2012

I had my blood glucose test yesterday to test for gestational diabetes. It was not a fun day. First off they have to do the test with me fasting… pregnancy and fasting do not go well together. So I got there as soon as they open at 7:30am. First thing they do is take your blood. No warm up, no chit-chat.. just stab you in the arm and steal your life line!

Ok, fine.. they need the fasting blood sugar levels too. Then they give you this nasty glucose drink. Mine tasted like fruit punch. Now, I don’t like fruit punch in general but this was like fruit punch squared.. it was soooo sweet it made my mouth pucker. Then I had to go sit for 2 hours so that every hour they could steal more blood. Thankfully I brought a book.

The only fun part of the whole test was the fact that my baby got a major sugar rush! The few days before he had been kinda quiet. A little kicking at night and some low kicking during the day. Nothing to be concerned about but not his normal activity. Yesterday, however, the boy was dancing in my belly like he was in studio 54. He was rocking and rolling all over my uterus. It was quite enjoyable to feel and watch. It was also a huge reminder to limit this child’s sugar intake after he is born. I don’t need some crazy kid bouncing off the walls and causing havoc. I just have to convince his sweet tooth dad the same.


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