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Make it pink; make it blue

on November 30, 2012

Apparently it’s customary to make sure the baby has a place to sleep. So that has been my poor boyfriend’s job for the past week. The room allotted for the baby is my old bedroom. Great room, faces away from the main street so there’s not a lot of traffic noise. Decent size too… only problem, I’m a girl… he is not. I had a lovely pink room…

pinkNow I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a boy who likes pink. In face while talking to my 2-year-old nephew he didn’t understand why the room couldn’t stay pink. If he had his choice he would pick the pink room. It’s weird the stuff we as adults put on our kids like fact… but none the less, between dad and grandpa.. this little boy’s room was not staying pink.

SAM_0277At 1st I wanted to paint the room more of a greenish/blue color. One that would be good no matter the sex, but once Neil and I picked out the decor we realized that color would not exactly blend well. And by we, I mean me, Neil had no idea what I was talking about and couldn’t really care less.. as long as his son’s room wasn’t pink.

Now comes the tricky part. My old room was wallpapered.. with trim. The new room.. paint. I never really liked wall paper. Now Neil, who is a computer geek and not as handy with a tool as he would like to think he is.. isSAM_0285 in charge of stripping and painting his son’s room. I would love to help.. but I would get a little high just walking past the glue smelling room and I didn’t think the baby would appreciate it.

Thankfully my cousin came over to help. She does have such experience. She is a very hands on kind of person. Apparently there is this activity called sewing that one can do to clothes instead of just throwing them away… who knew?

blueAnyway, they took off most of the paper in one day. I was quite impressed. The little bits left, however, are taking more than a week with my boyfriend doing it by himself. I gave him a very easy timeline.. but I forgot it was coming up on finals week… oh well, guess I have to learn to be flexible. He’ll get it done.. eventually.


One response to “Make it pink; make it blue

  1. […] we 1st started clearing our the old spare room and stripping the wall paper we told my nephew that it was for the new baby. We had been telling him […]

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