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What is this baby that you keep referring to?

So I am now 6 months pregnant and about to enter my 3rd trimester. We have been getting the nursery ready for the last couplejack smile weekends and I’m having a blast picking things out. Needless to say we talk about the baby all the time. The funny thing is my 2-year-old nephew is completely dumb founded by this baby.

When we 1st started clearing our the old spare room and stripping the wall paper we told my nephew that it was for the new baby. We had been telling him about the new baby for about a month before, but the concept still alluded him. My brother, of course, did not help. He would tell the poor boy that the baby was in my belly…. but then tell him that I ate the baby. Which of course would just make the whole thing seem¬†preposterous to the young child.

toddler unawareSo I sat down with him a couple of weeks ago. I took out the ultrasound pictures and tried to explain that babies grow in mommy’s bellies. He was having no part of it. The best I could get him to understand was that the baby was put in a “cubby” somewhere. So I just left it at that and said that we would be getting the baby later.

This last weekend when my brother came over to help with the nursery he brought my nephew. On the way here they had a whole conversation about my baby again. This time my nephew’s response was, “the pretend baby”. Apparently since he has no concept of the future and that people are actually made he just thinks that it’s a game and I am pretending to have a baby.

This idea was only supported when my dog tried to jump up on my lap and I told him no because he was going to sit on the baby. “What Baby?” my nephew responded…. this is going to be a long 3 months!

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