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The Best Baby Gift Ever!

This is my first child, and though I have baby-sat a lot, there are certain things that are not taken into account when you don’t have a baby full-time. For instance… showering. Who knew that this would become a struggle. When to shower… is he going to wake up… should I just let him cry? Getting any time to have your baby out of your arms is a huge deal. Most of the time he is attached to my boob.

Before my son was born my boyfriend and I had been over visiting with his cousin. She has a son that is 11 months older than mine. My boyfriend had seen the baby swing in their living room and thought that it was the coolest thing ever! He made me promise right then and there that when we had a baby we would get one.

swingA few months later our dreams came true and I was pregnant. That was the first thing he mentioned when we were talking about our shower registration. He read through all the specs, we discussed colour and theme and finally agreed upon the perfect swing. I had no idea how invaluable that thing would become!

That swing is my new best friend. You can choose if you want it to rock side to side or back and forth, the speed can be controlled and there are a few choices for sounds ranging from rain forest to lullabies. My son prefers the back and forth and the lullabies, and now that he can see far enough he is mesmerized by both the spinning mobile and the mirror on its base.

He can spend as much time as I need him to in there. I have taken showers, done dishes, even done some work, 006since I am currently working from home. He would spend hours in there if I let him. Though I never leave him for more than a half hour. I think babies need that constant contact to make them feel secure. This gift was a God-send.. I’m going to have to thank my boyfriend’s grandmother again!

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Breast feeding… best feeding?

GetAttachmentMy son is almost a month old. I never imagined that breast-feeding would be so difficult. As far as I know babies have been doing this since the dawn of time. So why is it that my baby keeps losing weight?

He was born early. Not much, only 8 days, by c-section. At 1st I thought that this just meant my body hadn’t received the message that it was time for feeding yet. But as time went on and he was losing more and more I realized that this problem wasn’t going to fix itself.

imagesCAOVFZM4I have been going to the doctor’s office every other day with him for weight checks and tips on better ways to feed. The 1st doctor that we dealt with wasn’t my favourite person but I figured that if I could get some info out of her that could help my baby that was all that mattered, unfortunately she wasn’t very helpful.

Thankfully the doctor’s office to which we go has a few different people whom I can talk to and after a couple of weeks we got our chance at another woman. She was very pleasant and wrote me a script for something that would help my milk come in. My not having enough milk never even crossed the last woman’s mind.. in her world breast-feeding was all about putting your foot on a stool.

I have been following all of the rules and getting myself very sleep deprived and sick, but nothing was 042helping. We have had visiting nurses come in and check his weight and 2 different runs of blood tests all of which have told me that he has no problem with breast milk or gaining weight when we have supplemented formula… something the 1st doctor was adamant about not trying…

So as far as we can tell.. the problem is with me. One of the visiting nurses suggested that I didn’t have enough ducts. I didn’t even know this could be a problem. She has suggested some strap on feeder that may be able to help. At this point I am willing to try anything. I will be discussing it with the doctor today. We will see what happens. I don’t want to stop breast-feeding. The benefits are too great, but I can’t starve my baby either. Supplementing may have to be the way.


He’s Here!!!

I am a little late. My boy was born a couple of weeks ago.. but WOW I have been busy!

It was quite a couple of days. I went to the doctor’s for some tests and he decided that the baby had to come out. So I went in later on Tuesday the 19th and they inserted a vaginal suppository used to soften my cervix. I wasn’t allowed to move to 2 hours. I had to lay on my side, because apparently my cervix was a little to the side.

iv-bag-bpaAs the night went on my contractions started. They were coming 2-4 mins apart. I had to sleep on my side still. It was the most uncomfortable night of my life. I was in a birthing table and they are split funny and with me being so tall the split fell in a very painful place.

The next morning they woke me up at like 6am and started my pitocin. This was designed to start the contractions.. which had already started the night before. After all that I was only 1 cm dilated. I went the rest of the day getting more and more fluids and more and more pitocins… which created more and more contractions.

Around 4pm my water finally broke. It was the weirdest feeling ever! I was just sitting in my bed, minding my own business… when all of a sudden…. the flood gates opened. My brother was visiting at the time. I just stopped and said, “um.. I don’t think that I just peed my pants” and my brother responded… “yup, that’s your water” I moved a little bit and SPLASH!! It just continued.

I was so excited! I thought.. ok, here we go now!

A few more hours went by and… still 1 cm dilated. So after over 24 hours of labor my doctor and I decided it best to just cut my son out anyway.

They brought me into the operating room and shot my back up with a morphine based pain-killer.. I hate needles574835_4543140456175_63558737_n and it seemed the lesser of 2 evils to have some shots then to have an IV drip in my back the whole time… Finally they let my boyfriend into the room. He was so adorable in his scrubs! They had a paper tent type thing over our heads so we couldn’t see anything and they proceeded to cut me open. It was a little intense knowing that it was happening. Usually when someone is being cut open they are either asleep or being attacked by a serial killer… this was kind of a combination of both.

After a few minutes we heard it. A little baby cry. The both of us gasped and tears started pouring out of our eyes. Our son was born. They covered up what they could of my entrails and lowered the tent as much as they could to let us see him. He was a bloody mess! But the sweetest bloody mess I’d ever seen.

They then took our son to the table to clean him up and check him out. Neil was allowed to go over with them mommy and jasonand took some pictures. I was so elated to hear my baby’s little cry. They then walked my little boy over to me and laid him on my chest. It was the 1st moment that I saw his little face. I was completely in love!

Unfortunately that didn’t last long and they had to sew me back up. The mean nurse took my boy away and brought him down the hall. The only thing that kept me from chasing after him… aside from the fact that I couldn’t move from the chest down.. was that I knew that Neil was with him and would make sure that our little guy was ok.

After sewing me up, they rolled me onto the traveling gurney.. the scariest thing I have ever experienced 083having no control over my own body.. and wheeled me down to the recovery room where I was greeted by the 2 most important men in my life. Jason Nathaniel was born… and he was all mine. I had never been so happy in my entire life!!!

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