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The Best Baby Gift Ever!

on March 27, 2013

This is my first child, and though I have baby-sat a lot, there are certain things that are not taken into account when you don’t have a baby full-time. For instance… showering. Who knew that this would become a struggle. When to shower… is he going to wake up… should I just let him cry? Getting any time to have your baby out of your arms is a huge deal. Most of the time he is attached to my boob.

Before my son was born my boyfriend and I had been over visiting with his cousin. She has a son that is 11 months older than mine. My boyfriend had seen the baby swing in their living room and thought that it was the coolest thing ever! He made me promise right then and there that when we had a baby we would get one.

swingA few months later our dreams came true and I was pregnant. That was the first thing he mentioned when we were talking about our shower registration. He read through all the specs, we discussed colour and theme and finally agreed upon the perfect swing. I had no idea how invaluable that thing would become!

That swing is my new best friend. You can choose if you want it to rock side to side or back and forth, the speed can be controlled and there are a few choices for sounds ranging from rain forest to lullabies. My son prefers the back and forth and the lullabies, and now that he can see far enough he is mesmerized by both the spinning mobile and the mirror on its base.

He can spend as much time as I need him to in there. I have taken showers, done dishes, even done some work, 006since I am currently working from home. He would spend hours in there if I let him. Though I never leave him for more than a half hour. I think babies need that constant contact to make them feel secure. This gift was a God-send.. I’m going to have to thank my boyfriend’s grandmother again!


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