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Busy Baby

It has been awhile since I have written anything. I can’t believe how busy my baby keeps me. I don’t know how people manage to work while having a baby. I couldn’t do it. I could never leave my baby. I have to give credit to those who can.

0404131230I admit that I have a very clingy baby and I love every second of it. I just look at him sometimes and I think about how little he knows and understands. Sometimes when we are cuddled up for a nap I just think about how defenseless he is. How if I walked away he would have nothing. I think about how content he is when he is in my arms.This makes the prospect of going to work impossible in my mind. I get shakes when I run to the store for 10 mins and leave him alone with his daddy.

I was still in the hospital the 1st time I saw it. The fear of feeling left in his eyes. A nurse had taken154 him for some sort of test and he was placed in the bassinet. The nurse and I were talking and my baby was looking back at my voice crying this pitiful sound.. there was a longing for me. I knew I could never leave him.

I had a job at the time I took maternity leave… but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back. I know that makes things more difficult for me both financially and I’m going to miss being out of the house and I loved the people who I worked with… but wow.. that moment… CHANGED EVERYTHING!

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