Mommy Talk

Being a mom ain't easy


on March 27, 2014

1794578_10152225842486602_1961031187_nThis has been the quickest and yet most amazing year of my life. I went from having a brand new human being that I know nothing about to having the most amazing little boy I’ve ever met. I am inspired by him every day. I think about how he was this tiny little ball of pink squishy cuteness and now he’s a walking, talking little guy with personality to spare!

50468290For his birthday we chose a ducky theme. It’s after his favourite book.. “Little Quack” he loves when I read it to him. He even takes the book off the shelf by himself just to just look at the pictures. He runs around the house yelling, “DUCK!!!” and grabbing up all his rubber duckies.

I will say the one thing that I missed was.. well the whole party. We rented a hall to accommodate all the people. But I felt more like a party planner than a mom. I missed almost all the cake.. cuz I was cutting pieces for other people and he was being passed around from person to person and I barely saw him.
1920285_10152225842726602_1481443447_n I also wish that I hadn’t depended on someone else to take the pictures. My cousin was there and she has a great camera and loves to take pictures so I gave her the responsibility. Now don’t get me wrong, I got plenty of pictures of my son and my nephew even but there were whole groups of people who will never be known to have been there because there is not one picture of them.

The one thing that I have to remember is that these days go by so fast. My job is to be there with my baby.. not to make sure that the table clothes are lined up properly. No one is there to see the table-cloth.. they are there to enjoy my lovable, adorable little man.. and I shouldn’t be the only one to miss out!


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