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The Day My Heart Stopped!!

on March 28, 2014

It started out a completely normal day. I was washing some dishes in the kitchen and my dad was watching my son in the front room. It was a scenario which was very frequent in our home. It never occurred to me that I had anything to worry about. As I walked back into the front room my heart dropped.. there was my son standing at the coffee table. The same table my father had been laying his medication out on earlier.

As I ran to his side, scooped him in my arms and proceeded the ever so common finger swipe through his mouth panic kicked in.. there was white powder in his mouth.. he got something!

rid-unused-prescription-medications0-1My dad hadn’t even thought about it. He had, thankfully, put away the “real” medication and just left out the aspirin that he had been cutting up.. yup.. knife right next to it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to die.. or kill my father. I saw his face go white at the prospect of what could have happened as well.. and we still weren’t in the clear. How many did he take? Was there anything else on the table that got missed? My father had never felt so guilty about anything in all his life.. and I never so scared!

I immediately ran him up the stairs and called poison control.. unaware of exactly what he had ingested and how much I was told to bring him to the ER. My mind was racing.. it was just a few short days before my son’s 1st birthday and I was praying that he would make it that far.

He didn’t look sick. He never passed out. He never threw up. Anyone looking at him wouldn’t know that anything would have happened. I emerged through the doors of the ER.. baby in my shaking hands… the triage nurse was nice enough to reassure me that my son looked fine and that he was sure that everything would be ok.. then he mentioned the 3 most horrifying words in the English language. ONE PILL KILL. Apparently there are a list of medication that once a child ingests them there is nothing to be done. There is no way to save them. I never knew this was a thing. I always just assumed we would have to pump his stomach.. which is horrible enough.. I never knew that in less than a second my son could be gone.

In my household I have a father on many medications.. including the blood pressure medication.. which is on the dreaded list. My Boyfriend is also on some anti anxiety medication which is also on the list… this was not helpful to me.. all I was thinking is how, at this rate, I was going to need my own anti-anxiety medication to deal with all of this new information.

As we waited for the test results to verify that my son would, in fact, be ok. I frantically usedPills my handy-dandy smart phone and googled as much information as I could on these death pills. I called, texted and informed everyone that I knew that this was in fact a thing.. and they needed to protect their own children from such an accident. My father and boyfriend locked their medication out of any room that my son may happen to enter and did an extra sweep around for old ones which may have rolled under a couch. Now that we were no longer ignorant of this danger.. we weren’t going to sit idle. We are going to protect my baby from all the dangers out there.. even ourselves.


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