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Doctor Mommy

on March 30, 2014

So I have had very little sleep in the last couple of days. A few nights ago my son woke up screaming for no apparent reason. I thought maybe he was teething. He has 8 teeth, but eventually he needs to get more and he’s had a runny nose so it’s possible. The next night he seemed fine so I assumed it was a fluke. Then last night he woke up in a start, screaming like someone pinched him, and burning with fever. This happened only one other time. He is a pitiful little man when he has a fever.

the-mentalist_125019I broke out the Motrin and eventually he settled in and went back to sleep. At least for a few hours later it started all over again. I have started to realize that mothers have to learn how to be psychic, or mind readers, or basically “The Mentalist”. We have these little human beings with all kinds of needs and wants and no way of communicating with us. Yet, we somehow, instinctively, manage to figure out how to help. Shoulsafe_imaged I feed him, change him.. does he just need a snuggle?

The one thing that I found to be the most difficult mystery, though, is when he is not feeling well. Is he teething? Did he eat something that he wasn’t supposed to that’s causing discomfort? Wait… now he has a fever… I’ve heard that’s a symptom of teething.. but that’s a low-grade fever. Is 102.7 considered low-grade? Maybe he really is sick? Who knows? The only that I do know.. the only thing that 99.9% of the time works.. is a snuggle with a mamma.

house-2So not only are we detective and mind readers, but doctors and healers. I’m not talking about the Motrin. I’m talking about the comfort that we supply our little ones. Making sure that they know. They are not in this… what ever this is… alone.


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