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Poisons are Everywhere!

on March 31, 2014

I have been driving myself crazy for the last 7 months or so thinking about the kinds of food to feed my baby. All I read about is how bad the crap is that is being used to “make food better”. I try to buy organic.. but now I read that the FDA is somewhat lenient on what “organic” really means.

I get sick when I think about the GMO, antibiotics and hormones put into everything, especially the meat. When I read about chicken companies shooting the animals up with so much crap that they actually caused huge tumors. But it’s fine… they just cut around the tumours and serve it up.. plump and juicy. I was adamant about keeping him a vegetarian, but to be honest I never fared well as one myself and tend to get sick a lot.

My boyfriend’s mom was shocked when I even mentioned not feeding him meat. She compares everythinggenetically-modified-chickens that I do to what she did with her children. It’s hard to explain that it’s not that I feel that she did anything wrong feeding her kids meat. If it was the quality of meat from 30 years ago I wouldn’t have a problem with it either, but how can I in good conscience feed my baby hormone and tumor infested anything!!!

A lot of people have suggested to just shop at “Whole Foods” or something similar but then you read that even though food is labeled and considered organic and GMO free.. there are certain drugs that “aren’t counted” as an issue by the FDA. Not to mention that I can do the best I can at home.. but then he goes out to eat or to a friend’s and then what?

a3b81ae17571449e6bd802c37a7d513e>I don’t know why it seems that everything that is being done now-a-days to make things better usually just poison us. Maybe the FDA is just trying to keep cancer curing companies in business.


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