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The Public Sector

on April 3, 2014

school-violence-preventionI don’t know why people get so offended when someone has a different opinion than they do. There was recently a stabbing at the high school in my town and I had posted it on facebook with a remark saying, “and people wonder why I want to send my son to private school”. I start getting all kinds of comments saying, “it can happen anywhere”, “well, private schools are expensive… we can’t all afford them”, and so on and so forth.

Ok, that’s fine. I never said, “everyone should send their kids to private schools or they are committing child abuse”. I said, in my opinion… private schools feel like the better option. I even went on to further clarify saying that I understood that no place was completely safe, but that statistically there is less violence in private school than in public and that I understand that I am fortunate to be able to make that decision early enough to plan for the financial burden, but the comments don’t stop.

I started getting private messages about how I shouldn’t judge a whole school based on 1 instance and that not all public schools are like that and so on. Now, again. I just posted my opinion on the fact that a kid was actually stabbed less than 2 blocks from my house.. and the research that I have done about public vs private schools. I did not say that all children who go to public schools are in danger or are violent criminals. I actually went to public school and had a fabulous and safe time there. But.. if given the choice.. and given the opportunities I avail myself. I would make the switch to private for my child. And I’m allowed to say so.


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