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on April 6, 2014

1976882_10152305761161602_1653818768_nWe brought Jason to the movies for the 1st time… well since he’s been able to understand a basic concept of what was going on. He has actually been to the movies like 5 times, but the 1st few he was just a couple months old and slept in his car seat the whole time. I wasn’t sure how he would deal with the whole thing, as he doesn’t even watch TV at home and doesn’t understand the concept of just sitting and watching a screen.

I was actually surprised how well it went. We didn’t take him to the standard stadium seating theater. We knew that wouldn’t work out at all. We brought him to a dinner style theater in ourchunkys area, called “Chunky’s”. It’s a cute little theater with long tables and old Lincoln Town Car seats.. as seats. It’s the theater we have always gone to with him, because we used to just put his seat on the table so we could see him, he could see us and he wouldn’t be in the way. It’s not the greatest theater for movies since it doesn’t have the most up to date sound system that would break his little ears, but it’s great family fun.

This time we went for an early 8:30am mattinee. It was so delightful. We got breakfast with our movie. I was quite pleased to learn that they had high chairs for babies so we just plunked him in 146173_lit, gave him some of our food and sat back and relaxed. He actually just sat for the 1st hour, which makes sense because he can usually make it through a casual dinner experience at a restaurant, and that lasts about an hour. After that he got a little restless, so we let him out and he got to run up and down the aisles of the tables. There were only a few other patrons there and the sections are completely blocked off from one another by by tall wooden walls so he couldn’t go that far. Though he did find the escape route rather quickly and kept trying to make haste, but because of the casual atmosphere we were able tomuppets chase him down with out anyone shooting at us, unlike other movie theaters I’ve heard of.

All in all it was a lovely morning. I don’t think we’ll do it often. I’d much rather him playing than glued to a screen, but it’s good to know that there is a place like “Chunky’s” where we can go as a family and try this out. And maybe as a special occasion or a crummy snowy or rainy day we can try this again… especially if The Muppets are playing… Mommy and Daddy love The Muppets!


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