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My pitfalls to co-sleeping

on April 14, 2014

1010012_10151681419331602_2021633853_nI never thought that I was going to co-sleep. In fact I never really even thought about it at all. I wasn’t against it. I just assumed I could put my baby down in his crib when he fell asleep and that would be it.. boy was I wrong. He was barely a day old the 1st time I saw him wrenching for his “mama” and it broke my heart. I never wanted to see that longing look again.

Now he’s almost 14 months. We had switched him into a pack n play for about a month when he was 8 months old.. I had read that separation anxiety really kicks in around 10 months and that if you don’t get them out of your bed by then they could be 3 by the time that you do.. but then we had some work done to our house which caused us to have to crash at a friend’s house and he was back in my arms.. and kind of did a, “hey.. why did this ever stop in the 1st place?” and that was the end of that.. cried every time.. uncontrollably.. I couldn’t handle it.

I decided that co-sleeping was for me. We have a big enough bed and I loved the snuggle.. it was all good. We did have to buy some plastic sheets. His diapers are only so good at all night.. and he’s a heavy drinker. He can take up to 3 babbas before bed.. I know.. I’m trying to break him of the babba thing too.. one loss at a time please.

But now it’s just getting crazy. He doesn’t sleep anymore. He used to just konk out while we were watching TV. Then as he got bigger we needed to go through the whole routine, “Goodnight Moon” and all, but he would just snuggle in and fall off. Now, now he never wants to sleep. I have to fight with him for hours and I’m still not sure what really works. His naps aren’t much better. He is exhausted all the time.

I’m starting to realize that the co-sleeping is more for me than for him. Though he loves sleeping1459894_10152014712006602_1782437529_n between his mama and his daddy he is not getting the sleep he truly requires and he’s miserable a good chunk of the day. My current job keeps me out till almost 8:30 most nights so I usually don’t even start putting him down till 9:30.. which didn’t used to be an issue.. he’d fall asleep around 10:00 and not wake up till 8 or 9.. it was perfect.. now he’s not going to sleep till closer to midnight. We’re all exhausted. There’s nothing but fighting and tears from all of us. We mine as well leave him in his crib if it’s not being helpful to him anymore. I have to stop thinking about my not wanting to see him cry and start thinking about how I do want to see him healthy.


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