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Boston Strong… A Day to Remember

on April 15, 2014

tumblr_inline_mlevhrDDgi1qz4rgpToday is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. I remember that day vividly. I had plans with my cousin. We were going to take my brand new baby out for a little night on the town… dinner out!!! Woo Hoo!!! He wasn’t even 2 months old. I remember we were meeting at her mom’s house because she had plans with her earlier in the day.. it being a holiday and all.

I remember hearing the news on the radio on the drive out, and I remember telling them about it when I got there. I remember thinking about how horrible the situation was as my young son laid in my arms nursing. I remember thinking, “what kind of world did I bring him into?”. Then I remember watching the TV and seeing all of the people who were still shuffling about to help.

I remember the following days as the information started flowing in and hearing that it was just kids themselves who were responsible for this horrible thing. I remember being shocked to find out that, for the most part, these kids grew up here.

I remember my whole city being shut down. I remember my son’s grandmother not being able to go outside because the search was happening outside her door. I remember thinking.. this is the kind of world my son was born into. The kind of world where no one questions staying inside… where nors_560x415-130416095318-1024_joe_cm_41613_copy one interferes or puts their own needs before those of the rest of the world’s. The Boston Marathon isn’t just about Boston.. people come from EVERYWHERE to compete.. and the people of Boston… specifically the little city outside of Boston, Watertown, didn’t start rioting in the streets. They didn’t take matters into their own hands and lynch mob the kid. They didn’t take the opportunity to hit the other side of town and start looting. They sat in their houses and watched with bated breath along with the rest of the world for justice to prevail.. and then I remembered this is the world that I want my baby to live in. A world that is made up of strong righteous people.. BOSTON STRONG!


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