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How do you not notice 7 DEAD BABIES!?!?!?

on April 16, 2014

dead-babies-utah-homeI have heard many insane stories in my life, but this new story about the woman who has killed SIX of her newborn babies has to be the most disturbing thing I could have ever imagined. This is literally something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie… or an episode of Criminal Minds.

In the days of legal abortion, adoption and Hell even black-market sales of babies how is it that the only thing that this woman could think to do with a brand new baby is to strangle, smother and kill it! And this wasn’t just some teenage girl in a desperate moment. This was a grown mother of 3 other children who did this not once… not twice but SIX times, and never told anyone until the bodies were found!

How the guilt did not eat at her. How she went about her day-to-day life without anyone one question, noticing or thinking she may have a problem is beyond me. How her husband didn’t notice seven pregnancies (one was supposedly still-born so she didn’t have to kill it) is ridiculous! I have been pregnant. I could never imagine going through the whole thing without my boyfriend finding out. And let’s be honest 10 pregnancies all together, including her actual children, she must have been taking her clothes off in front of him occasionally.. I’m just saying.

But beyond the moron man who couldn’t tell that his wife was pregnant SEVEN times, who looks at a sweet little helpless infant and thinks… “I have to squeeze it to death”? Especially a mother…1024px-HumanNewborn a mother who appears to have her life together enough to not lose custody of her living children. How is this possible? The only thing that I could think of was that horrible “Game of Thrones” character who sent his boys off to be eaten. I don’t even know what else to say about this story.. the concept is so foreign to me I can’t find it in any way conceivable.


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