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Murder is no Game

on April 18, 2014

KNXV%20Cody%20Wygant_1397839129120_4127985_ver1_0_320_240I want to start by saying that I have nothing against video games. In fact, I enjoy a good arcade at the beach and like to watch some of the adventure games as if they were a movie. I used to have an ex that used to let me hold the map to the big long games and help direct him places when he got stuck. They can be a lot of fun.

They are also, like anything else, ADDICTIVE! I know people who have had to cut social engagements short because they have had standing plans to play a game with online “friends”. I have known others to bring portable game systems every where they go and completely check out from real life at any given moment. I have seen fights and things broken. I have seen grown men have tantrums worse than my toddler, but now I have seen the worst.

I read an article today about A GROWN MAN who smother his son to death because the baby was crying too much and he couldn’t play his x-box game. Are you effing kidding me?!?!?! I couldn’t even imagine being that baby’s mother. You leave the child alone with his own father. A man you assume would protect his son with his life, just as you would, and you come home to find the little scampering piece of your heart DEAD! Then to find out that it wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t some tragic event that couldn’t be prevented. The man who you left in charge. The man with whom you trusted the most precious, most innocent being in your world actually killed him! And again, not by accident. Then to find out the REASON he felt this was ok.. was because he wanted to play a GAME!! How is this rational understandable? How do you wrap your mind around this the next time you see a kid at the park, or when your own son’s birthday rolls around? How is this even possible?

When did something as trivial as a video game become the most important thing in someone’s life. More important than their own family; their own child’s life? The worst part is that when I went to find the article again I realized that this wasn’t the only little life that was taken over a videojonylah game. There was a 6 month old baby who was shot because her father, allegedly, stole someone’s video game.. so the “victim”, instead of calling the cops to report the theft, shot the man while he was changing his daughter. The little 6 month old angel was shot FIVE times. As if once wasn’t enough!

I have found stories that, so far, go back as far as 2006, and it’s not just men. In 2010 a mother shook her 3 month old to death over FARMVILLE!!! WHAT?!??!?! That doesn’t have a time limit. You can plow and plant as lackadaisical as you choose. I really think that there needs to be help out there for people and this video game obsessed world. (It’s not just happening in The States. There are stories in England and North Korea too). When people are putting their own lives on hold, or KILLING young children over it there needs to be a way to come to terms with it being an addiction.

Now like I said, don’t get me wrong; I like video games. I like drinking too.. but when someone is so addicted that they start to hurt themselves or other over it.. then it’s just a problem. Perhaps a VGA group should be started.. I don’t know.. but this epidemic of lifeless killer zombies has to stop.


One response to “Murder is no Game

  1. You are so right. Thanks for sharing.

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