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Baby in White!

on April 21, 2014

untitledSaturday night was my baby’s Baptism. It was so much fun. He was such a precious little angel. He was a little older than most because we had the slight glitch of neither myself nor his father are Catholic, but my father’s side of the family is and I wanted him baptised at our family church and I want him to learn the old traditions and make up his own mind on what he believes.

Anyway, so, because neither parent was Catholic I had to convert. It took many months, but I feel 1good about my time spent going to the church and what I have learned. The church in which we attend is pretty forward thinking. I could and would never take him anywhere that taught hate. They are accepting of everyone. In fact, the woman who was running my classes has a daughter who recently married a Muslim. If that isn’t accepting I don’t know what is.

2So we had a joint ceremony. My confirmation… as I was already baptised… and his baptismal. It was so beautiful. It was the night of the Easter Vigil. There was a full Mass and a crowd of people. You could really feel the love in the house4 when my baby came up and was ready for his dunking. I have to say, I have never been very fond of organized religion with all the hypocrisy you hear in the news. But on this night with these people I could really understand the appeal and the power that it has given others over the years.


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