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Hippity Hoppity Easter Came and Went

on April 21, 2014

1948258_10152339527021602_4071599751604340545_nIt’s funny cuz this was my son’s second Easter and yet he still has no idea what’s going on. I brought him to meet The Bunny. The basket was laid out and filled in the night and yet nothing…. I mean he knows he got a few snacks and toys the next morning but the whole concept is completely over his head.

I think it’s funny how far he has come and yet at the same time he’s still a little baby with very10168121_10152339526766602_2113540666147130845_n little understanding of the ways of the world. I didn’t even bother with the egg decorating or the hunt.. he wouldn’t understand that he’s supposed to go look for them and we’d still be finding them on Christmas. Next year I think we’ll have more fun with it. Next year he’ll be 2 and completely afraid of the giant rat at pictures and totally excited about the prospect of candy… instead of the organic apple chips that he got this year.

524095_10151523833866602_2075482647_nThe one fun thing about this year was his Easter basket. It’s shaped as a giant Peep and last year he was small enough to sit inside of it. I think it will be quite fun watching him year by year get bigger and bigger and the basket get smaller and smaller… until then my family will just have to enjoy watching him play as he does everyday and take pride and in the happy little man that he is.


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