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Knowing When to Let Go

on April 24, 2014

qhDPTR11B9-2So an interesting social experiment has happened in my world today. My phone has buzzed its last text message. I’m sure it’s untimely death has nothing to do with the sippy cup full of juice that was poured on it. I mean it was all natural organic.. no sugar added juice. Yet, strangely enough since the sippy cup incident… my phone has continued to lose functionality. First, I couldn’t access all my pictures. Then it was saying that it was charging when it was clearly NOT plugged in, and now it’s telling me that I don’t have a battery… yet I’m fairly certain that I do… especially since my phone is managing to flash a lighted sign at me stating it has no battery.

Alas, I am without phone. I remember in years past the panic that would set in at the prospect of not having my trusted companion. I remember getting completely pissed at which ever company dared to make such a faulty product that it could not foresee a way to prevent a Mountain Dew attack… I didn’t say the baby spilled the sippy cup.. just that it was spilled. I remember the sheer terror that I may miss a text message or email or.. what’s that other thing that phones do? Right, phone call…

Now I sit, with the lifeless body that was once my best friend.. and I do not mourn its passing, but am at peace that somewhere out there… when I get a chance to pick one up.. there is one justPhoneLandingHero like it… and possibly even an upgraded version…. that will do it’s job just fine. And untill I have the chance to find such a gift… I will enjoy the silence and the thoughts in my own head… and leave the messaging to my computer… who is nice enough to stay at home and not intrude in my life where ever I go.


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