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Being a mom ain't easy

Hold on Tight!

on May 14, 2014

I am by no stretch of the imagination an over protective parent. Though this is my 1st child I have been baby-sitting, nannying and just helping to take care of kids most of my life. I spent most Saturday nights of my teen life baby-sitting. I have a younger cousin that I moved in with at 15 and would watch OFTEN and then in my late teens my best friend had a baby and I spent most of the following years helping her raise her 2 kids and then some. I love kids and I’m very comfortable around them.

Poststar_Floating_Bouncy_House_TG_140513_16x9_608That being said, since having my own son I have become paranoid about crazy things. What would happen if my car slid off the ice and went into the water? How would I get everyone out safely in a fire… you know.. normal paranoia. But the news lately has me on the edge of my seat. Seemingly normal, everyday, fun activities are putting children in life threatening situations that could never be predicted… though the nay sayers who bother to comment and I guarantee don’t have children or they wouldn’t say things like, “who let’s their child play on the swing set alone?” UMMM… EVERYONE! It’s in the back yard for crying out loud!

I first read about a bounce house being swept off the ground and flown the air like Dorothy on her way to Oz.. then I read a horrific account of a mother who almost watched her child choke to death on their back yard swing set and had no idea what was going on… thank God the “older” brother was there to save her. I say older in quotesswing set because he was 7 and hardly old enough to really handle the situation.

I think about all the crazy things that my friends, brother and I used to do as children and how we were never around parents… it was the 80s and most of us came from single parent homes anyway. I can’t imagine how many times our lives were at risk but we were too young and stupid to realize… or just lucky and we weren’t on the “gravelings” list for the day.

It’s just one article like that makes you realize how lucky you are and thankful for everyday that your loved ones are safe. I look at my son and he is already quite the handful and I know that he is only going to cause more mischief as the years progress. I just hope that fate or God or the “gravelings” are on his side. And mine!


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