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Mother’s Day Myth

on May 14, 2014

So my boyfriend had been talking up Mother’s Day like it was going to be a culmination of my birthday, Christmas, the birth of our son and every other day mixed together and wrapped up as a perfect present. He told me that he had a whole weekend planned and that I was going to love every second.

Then he told me… well I have to work Saturday… ok.. that happens.. and Mother’s day isn’t till Sunday anyway. So Saturday night by the time we were actually together we decided to just rent a movie.. we have a 1-year-old after all.. not a lot of partying going on.

So we RedBoxed a movie and I decided that we should just get a pizza and call it a day. Now when I think pizza… I think red sauce… gooey cheese and pepperoni.. he got us buffalo chicken. I admit, I am a huge fan of buffalo chicken… it’s just not pizza.. and the baby can’t have any. So now I have to figure out what to feed our son since he can’t have the dinner I had planned on.

jewelry boxOk… so in the morning we wake up.. he had a card and flowers and a precious little jewelry box. I have to explain that I am the daughter of a single father who spent my entire like buying me jewelry boxes because he knew it was something girls like… I have no jewelry.. but at least 40 boxes… I have explained this to said boyfriend.. apparently the only thing that he got out of the story is that girls like jewelry boxes… but ok.. fine.. at least he got me something. I’m not going to complain. Then he brings me out for breakfast…. AAAHHH FINALLY!!! I LOVE going out for breakfast! This is more like it.

During breakfast I casually mention that the baby needs a few things at Target so we should stop onCastle-Island the way out. He suggests that we take a walk by the river and make our way over to Target… sure why not? A riverwalk sounds delightful… “then we’re going to Castle Island?”, I inquired.. as those were our original plans… we had been discussing it for weeks. “Oh, no… we’ll have to do that another Shoppers At Target Corp. Ahead Of Earnings Reporttime… I have to get home. There’s a bunch of stuff I have to work on”. WOW.. Really!? So my fabulous Mother’s Day weekend consists of your favourite pizza and a trip to Target… what will I get for my birthday? A visit to Home Depot and re-finish the back porch?

Now I’m not saying that it was a bad day. In fact if it was a normal Sunday afternoon it would have been lovely. We had a fabulous breakfast. The walk was beautiful.. Jason had a blast at the park.mothers day We even ran into a friend.. though that was cut short by the tapping of the wrist where a watch doesn’t actually reside and the twirling of a finger acting as my director telling me to wrap up my fun cuz he had more important things to do… In fact if he hadn’t been building up the “amazing weekend” he had planned it would have been great.. but don’t promise me the moon and then give me a trip to the planetarium. The planetarium would be perfect without the buildup. Work with what we got here please!


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