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Man Down!

on June 6, 2014

Am I the only one whose baby looks like he bounced down a flight of stairs? I admit.. I am not the kind of mom that worries about every little boo boo and I like to make sure that he tries things on his own… but I swear the boy must have inherited my two left feet because the kid trips on NOTHING.

last unicornSometimes it’s not even just the trip. We will be at the park and he’ll be toddling along and then BOOM he’s down, and you think, “Oh good.. he caught himself with his hands” but no.. for some crazy reason babies heads are the heaviest part on their bodies and the next thing I know his feet are in the air and his arms.. still in savior position cause him to just topple face 1st into the gravel.

My poor boy walks around looking like The Last Unicorn most of the time and other than engulfing him in bubble wrap I am at a loss at how to prevent it. People share their concern, “Oh My God! What happened?” and it’s like, “What?!?!? Oh the gash in my child’s head… that’s nothing” How do you pass that off as usual conversation without sounding like you beat your child on a regular basis.

He has recently started his stairs obsession… I am sooo grateful for gates or I have a feeling the ER would assign me a parking space. Hell, I’ve fallen down them a few times myself.. they are a sneaky beast I tell you.


One response to “Man Down!

  1. My son’s the same way. I use lavender essential oils for the really bag one. They clear up really fast. Poor lil guy. Hope his head feels better

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