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Who’s Pregnant?

on June 12, 2014

Pregnant-Mila-Kunis-Ashton-Kutcher-DateI was reading a blurb today about Mila Kunis getting all upset about men saying, “we’re pregnant”. I have heard this before. Women getting all in a huff, as Mila put it, “because you’re not squeezing a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole, are you?”. I get the argument. I have been pregnant. I was nauseous for months. My hips were all out of whack from sleeping on my side. I had food cravings and contractions and most of the things that all women have. I did end up having a c-section so my lady-hole is just fine, thank you, but I had major surgery and scarring and all that goes along with that. So I get wanting to own that experience.

My boyfriend on the other hand. Had to leave the beach early with me because the heat made me want to die in a puddle of my own vomit. He had to comfort me for the months of sickness. He had to take on a lot of the house hold chores.. including walking our dog every time.. in the winter, when I was put on limited activity. He was right there with me when I had a bleeding issue around 11 weeks which is what put me on limited activity. He was just ask scared and just as confused. He helped pick out the baby’s nursery theme and registry. He painted my old pink bedroom blue.

He had all the fears and dreams that I had, and when the day came, he was right there with me. Sleeping in that God awful fold out chair in my hospital room. When my water broke and hours later I still wasn’t dilating.. he made the decision with me to go for the c-section. As they cut574835_4543140456175_63558737_n me open behind the curtain he waited with bated breath with me for that little voice to cry. His eyes welled up right along mine when we finally heard our son for the 1st time. And because I was strapped to a table he was the 1st of us to see our little man.. he stayed with him to make sure he was safe while I was being sewn up. He made decisions with me about breastfeeding and co-sleeping and gave up a lot for that little bundle just as I did.

So no, he obviously never felt a kick, or a had trouble tying his shoes, or NEEDED to have black olives on everything he ate… but he was right there with me when I took cold medicine and didn’t feel much activity for a few days… and the emotions were shared between us.


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