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Why Fathers’ Day Annoys Me

on June 15, 2014

Fathers’ day has always been a perplexing thing to me. Where Mothers’ day is treated as Gospel, Fathers’ day is treated as a joke. It’s about getting the silliest tie, or hoping they don’t burn down the house in their need to create the perfect BBQ. It’s about loving a father who has almost become the butt of all our jokes.

I have heard for years the expression, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad” and I get that. A sperm donation can come without much effort and they never have to look back, but someone who sticks around deserves credit, but I also think there is a difference in the kind of sticking around you do.

There are the dads that pay the bills but have no idea what their child’s favourite toy is. There10259903_10152394822901602_2466868852326164555_n are the dads that love taking their kids to sporting events, or the park, or what ever fun activity they have come up with for the day, but have no idea what they are learning in school.. if they’ve done their homework, brushed their teeth or eaten their vegetables.

My son’s father is very sweet and one of those dads’ who loves to play and have fun with his boy he is also one of those dads who feels that the children are the moms responsibility. He hands me back my little Bubby Boy when he needs feeding or changing or anything important. He will run to get him if he’s hurt but immediately hand him to me for comfort.

17923_10151515250461602_1693194054_nThen there are the dads like my dad. The dads for what ever reason have to raise their children alone. The dads that don’t have the moms to take the lead.. or even for back up. The dads who have to suddenly know how to cook, do the laundry, get gum out of my hair… a lot sadly. The dads who have to kiss the boo boos and go to the parent/teacher conferences. The dads that have to be taken seriously.. that deserve more than a silly tie or a power tool cuz that’s what the TV says you want. Now that I have my own son I’m even more in debited to my father who is there every day to help me.

Families are changing drastically. This country in particular is not all about the 2 parent10308065_10152411541141602_4134339019151419042_n family.. or even the single moms. There are single dads, gay 2 parent dads.. gay 2 parent moms (who may be more interested in the power tools on mothers’ days) The point of this day is to give credit where credit is really do. Dads aren’t a joke. They make a huge difference in kids lives.. whether they are around or not. It’s important to thank those who are making a positive difference.


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