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6 Things I’ve Learned about Parenting from Disney Movies

on June 16, 2014

I love Disney princess movies. I always have. I was raised with the belief that “some day my prince would come” and I would know him at 1st sight as I had met him “once upon a dream” and so on. I have to say I am very impressed at how much they have changed over the years. Women aren’t portrayed as helpless victims waiting to be saved, but as the strong resilient heroine who can overcome and succeed. Here is what I’ve learned about being a parent from watching Disney movies.

elsa_by_sheepskeleton-d6yvx4v1. Let your children be themselves. Let them discover their strengths and abilities. Don’t discourage ideas or behaviour that you don’t understand this will only teach them that there is something wrong with themselves. People have different interests and gifts and should be encouraged to explore them. Stand by your child and teach them how to use their potential for good and loving things.

ja-c-22. Be careful who you leave your children with. Not everyone will care for your children as their own. You need to make sure that whomever is minding your children will have their best interest at hearts and not just doing it for money or other ulterior motives. These people will be helping to mold who your child becomes. You want them to make the right impressions.



little-mermaid-ursula-ariel3. Listen to your children. Pay attention to their hopes and their dreams. Even when it comes to love interests. You may think they’re too young or just making a mistake in some cases, but they are learning their way through things. If you’re not there to help them or if you pressure them into things that you want for them instead you are bound to drive them away… and who knows who they will turn to for advice.

Tiana-on-Dreams-Working-14. Teach your children about balance. Life is about living not just work and not just play. You have to have both to have a successful life. If they spend every moment of their lives with their heads in books trying to get into a good school.. just to get a good job.. just to work 100 hours a week then what’s it all about? At the same time.. if they spend all of their time flaking off and years go by and they have accomplished nothing and still living in your basement or living off the state.. what’s the point of that either?

Beauty-and-the-Beast-beauty-and-the-beast-6381860-526-643 5. This is especially for fathers of girls, but there are some mama’s boys out there I’m sure it can cover. All men think that their daughter’s boyfriend is a predatory BEAST… Get to know him. Trust that you have raised your daughter well and that maybe.. just maybe she is capable of making a good decision about who she would like to spend time with. You’re going to have to let her out in the real world eventually… that beast with tattoos and a motorcycle may turn out to be a sweet prince after all.






sleeping-disneyscreencaps-com-49626. It’s your responsibility to raise your kids. Not the school’s, not the nanny’s, not society or the TV. You may think that you are doing the right thing by doling out responsibility or making the big paycheck that takes up all your time… but they are YOUR kids. You chose to have them. You need to make sure that you created someone who is a well-adjusted member of society. If your child isn’t doing well in school… find out what’s going on… help them with their homework. Talk to them about issues… get them a tutor… it is not the teacher’s responsibility to get your child the grades. If there is a bully… or they are the bully… TALK TO THEM. I don’t know how much more clearly I can say that. If you’re not happy with the school’s choice of food then pack them a lunch.

In the end the person that they become is all affected by the choices you make in raising them… make the right ones.


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