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Summer fun can often turn tragic.. but with this new program it doesn’t have to!

on June 26, 2014

Summer is supposed to be a time of possibilities, fun in the sun and adventures, but sometimes those adventures turn into tragedies and it only takes a second.

Drownings, especially amongst young children are all too common. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission there were nearly 140 deaths from drownings in 2012 and another 168 children who required medical attention. What makes matters worse is that these numbers are only for the traditional Summer months and only for pools and spas. So warm climate states who have pools open year round could contribute to even more.

I do not blame the parents in these cases. Though I am sure that there are a few due to neglect, I realize that children… especially toddlers are tricky little buggers who move so fast and without any real direction and it’s easy for them to slip past even the most over protective parent. I know my little one has gotten himself into some precarious situations and I’m with him constantly… I can’t remember the last time I peed alone.

isr1The good news is there is an organization out there that understands this dire situation and is working with parents and little ones on preventing anymore deaths and/or serious injuries. Now obviously there are always the few where the parent is irresponsible to which no amount of extra time will be of use, and there are the few incidents where the baby may be knocked unconscious and again… not very useful, so this program does not give anyone permission to forget the safety measures and ignore your children, but it’s a viable option to help. Especially those who own pools right in their backyard.

This program is called “Infant Swimming Resource” and it is not your typical swim class. When I 1st saw the video my heart stopped. I couldn’t imagine this little baby being able to do anything to help himself in such deep water. When his head went in 1st I panicked in my own chair.. and I knew that it was an advertisement and “no babies were hurt in the filming” but it was just too unbelievable to be true. isr2

I looked into the program and granted it is a little pricey. The individual who I contacted from the organization said that it was $100/week and lasted for 4-6 weeks. Also, the class was Mon-Fri but only for 10 mins a day. I have to admit that I decided not to invest, partly because the location of the class wasn’t very local to me, partly because of the expense.. but mostly because I don’t have my own pool. If I did no amount of time or money would be too much to possibly save my baby.


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