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Very Proud of my Little Chicken!

jason cakeI have to admit I don’t know EVERYTHING. For those who know me they are aware of how difficult this is for me to admit. Being a 1st time mom everyday has new challenges and new experiences that I have no background on handling. Sure, I have baby-sat and helped others raise their children, but this one is on me. This one is going to become the person that I raise him to be… that’s a lot of pressure.

Last weekend I went to a bridal shower and of course had my little man in tow. The event was held at a very nice house with lots of nick knacks and breakables everywhere. My son being 16 months feels that it’s his job to investigate everything that can and can’t be seen by him. This includes opening cabinets and taking things off shelves. I spent the entire day either chasing him down or giving him the point and eyes that moms some how perfect and kids know exactly what they mean.

In other words, the boy was a little terror. At least that’s what I thought. I heard from the bride to be today that everyone was so impressed with how well-behaved he was. He barely cried. He didn’t break anything and though he was mischievous he mostly listened to me with little hassle. He even thanked someone for saying he had “pretty blue eyes”.

It’s moments like these that make me very proud of my little man… and hopeful that I’m not completely screwing him up. I know that he is happy. He shows me that everyday. And I admit that I am a bit of a spoiler, probably because I waited so long to have him and wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen. I breast-fed (till he decided he was done), I still co-sleep, I bring him every where and rarely leave him with a sitter. If I can’t bring my boy chances are I’m not going.

My father thinks this is going to mess with him and going to create a child dependent on me, but I feel it’s doing thejason sun porch opposite. He knows that I am here for him no matter what and that he is completely safe. He knows that he is loved and wanted. At the party he met a little girl… probably about 11ish and he was absolutely smitten. He and the little girl played on the sun porch together for a good hour or so. He was in his own little world and had no idea that I was watching, and it was while I ran to get his diaper bag and left him on the porch under the supervision of another women, whom I had met before, that he said his “tank coo” for the compliment.

He didn’t cry when I was out of sight.. he didn’t throw tantrums when he didn’t get his way.. he just played and laughed and enjoyed the day… and the fabulous scones and let me be me for a day.

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How does one forget their own child?

hot carIt is all over the news and social media sites and pretty much every where you turn around. Some child has been left in a car to die. The latest one to take over the screens is about a father who Googled kids and pets dying in cars… and how he and his wife only looked it up because they were soooo afraid that it could happen to them

Really? If you were so afraid that you had to research this why were you not more diligent in checking your backseat. My grandmother was paranoid about not locking doors and not turning off the stove.. it wouldn’t matter if she hadn’t used the stove in weeks she would check and double-check it before heading out. Before having my son my most prized possession was my phone. I would check, double-check…Carseat2 triple check that I had it before leaving the house.. and on those rare occasions when somehow it did get over looked.. like I left it on the table or in the purse I decided not to take.. I would notice immediately and rush home for it… but I have to say I have NEVER forgotten my child on the table or in his bed while I was rushing off.

In fact you never hear of anyone doing that. No one “forgets” their child at the house as they rush off for the day. No one “forgets” their child after a nice meal at a restaurant in which the child fell asleep in a chair left to the side as to be out-of-the-way during dinner. No one forgets their child in the cart while loading groceries… or at the park because 6-17-14-baby-dies-in-hot-car-Kristin-5pthey get an important phone call. So why is it so “understandable” that someone forget their child in the backseat of the car, just because they didn’t look. I think anyone who can just forget to take care of their kid is putting the child in danger.. that is pretty much the definition of child neglect.. when YOU FORGET YOUR CHILD!

If you forget to feed them its neglect… if you forget to change your child it’s neglect.. if you don’t pick up your kid from daycare.. NEGLECT. So why is it that if you forget your child in a car ALL DAY it’s just a tragic accident? Sounds to me like a self-absorbed asshole at the least…. and a murderer at most… Either way, send them to jail and keep kids away from them!

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