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Summertime and the Living is…. Rainy

Today was a lovely day… or at least it started that way. We had checked the weather report and seen that it was supposed to be mid 80s and partly cloudy. Perfect day for the beach. We packed up the baby, the diaper bag, the carriage, the picnic, the blanket, the towels, the toys… you get the point and we headed up to the local beach strip.

hamptonWe drove around for a while looking for parking. We lugged and wheeled all our belongings and our boy halfway across town to get to the actual beach… we laid out our blanket, slathered on sunscreen, changed the baby into the right diaper, put on his floaties and enjoyed a lovely stroll through the umbrella world down to the water.

This was my boy’s 1st time at the actual ocean… when he was aware of what was going on. I brought him last year but he was like 4 months old and was pretty much just concerned about his next drink at the boob. Today he walked on the sand, held our hands as he ventured into the waves and stood his ground as the sand beneath him dissipated and he lost his footing. He was honestly pretty good at facing the waves.. he’s pretty little and though the waves were just crashing at our ankles they were splashing up in his face… he held his ground though. He did not like the sand leaving his footing as much.. but he held out like a champ.

This lasted for about 15 mins.. and he had his fill.. ok.. we’ll go up and play in the sand for a bit.. maybe eat that lunch.. it was after 1 at this point in the day… we were barely done our fruit and only half done our sandwich when the grey clouds started to invade our space. We looked back on the horizon and saw the beginnings of a frightful storm.

hampton2That was that for the beach.. at least the sand part. We packed up the towels, the blanket, the cooler, and toys.. and my boyfriend took all the extras back to the car. Jason and I waited by the restroom trying to get our chance to change back into the dry clothes and a real diaper. We met a lot of nice women in that line.. such a friendly place to encounter all kinds of people trying to wet themselves.

When we finally had our turn at the “family restroom” Neil was just getting back to the facilities and was lovely enough to run up and help me out of the door with the carriage. An older woman commented on how sweet it was that he cared and how most men woulhampton1dn’t have noticed never mind bothered to rush to their aid. That made me happy.. and proud of my boyfriend. He is by no means perfect.. but he
does care and he does try.. and that means more than he knows.

Anyway, we had like 3 more hours on the meter and were not giving up on our beach day.. we hit the strip and tried to stay under awnings as much as possible. I bought a cute new ankle bracelet, we got our pictures taken in a booth and of course Neil tried out the new Batman video game.. all in all it was a successful day. Even with the random rain bursts and sun showers.

The baby fell asleep on our walk and we spent like an hour just sitting on a bench looking out over the water and talking. It was nice.. we don’t get a lot of “alone” time anymore.. at last it was time to leave… and I don’t know if it was good timing or bad because we got caught in torrential down pours on the drive home.. we could barely see 5 feet in front of us.. but at least we weren’t still sitting on the bench with a sleeping 17 month old.

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The Public Sector

school-violence-preventionI don’t know why people get so offended when someone has a different opinion than they do. There was recently a stabbing at the high school in my town and I had posted it on facebook with a remark saying, “and people wonder why I want to send my son to private school”. I start getting all kinds of comments saying, “it can happen anywhere”, “well, private schools are expensive… we can’t all afford them”, and so on and so forth.

Ok, that’s fine. I never said, “everyone should send their kids to private schools or they are committing child abuse”. I said, in my opinion… private schools feel like the better option. I even went on to further clarify saying that I understood that no place was completely safe, but that statistically there is less violence in private school than in public and that I understand that I am fortunate to be able to make that decision early enough to plan for the financial burden, but the comments don’t stop.

I started getting private messages about how I shouldn’t judge a whole school based on 1 instance and that not all public schools are like that and so on. Now, again. I just posted my opinion on the fact that a kid was actually stabbed less than 2 blocks from my house.. and the research that I have done about public vs private schools. I did not say that all children who go to public schools are in danger or are violent criminals. I actually went to public school and had a fabulous and safe time there. But.. if given the choice.. and given the opportunities I avail myself. I would make the switch to private for my child. And I’m allowed to say so.

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Poisons are Everywhere!

I have been driving myself crazy for the last 7 months or so thinking about the kinds of food to feed my baby. All I read about is how bad the crap is that is being used to “make food better”. I try to buy organic.. but now I read that the FDA is somewhat lenient on what “organic” really means.

I get sick when I think about the GMO, antibiotics and hormones put into everything, especially the meat. When I read about chicken companies shooting the animals up with so much crap that they actually caused huge tumors. But it’s fine… they just cut around the tumours and serve it up.. plump and juicy. I was adamant about keeping him a vegetarian, but to be honest I never fared well as one myself and tend to get sick a lot.

My boyfriend’s mom was shocked when I even mentioned not feeding him meat. She compares everythinggenetically-modified-chickens that I do to what she did with her children. It’s hard to explain that it’s not that I feel that she did anything wrong feeding her kids meat. If it was the quality of meat from 30 years ago I wouldn’t have a problem with it either, but how can I in good conscience feed my baby hormone and tumor infested anything!!!

A lot of people have suggested to just shop at “Whole Foods” or something similar but then you read that even though food is labeled and considered organic and GMO free.. there are certain drugs that “aren’t counted” as an issue by the FDA. Not to mention that I can do the best I can at home.. but then he goes out to eat or to a friend’s and then what?

a3b81ae17571449e6bd802c37a7d513e>I don’t know why it seems that everything that is being done now-a-days to make things better usually just poison us. Maybe the FDA is just trying to keep cancer curing companies in business.

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